Central Drakensberg Hiking Trails (2023)

Champagne Valley Hiking Trails

Central Drakensberg Hiking Trails (1)Blue Grotto: This is a great 3 hour moderate walk through an indigenous forest onto a magnificent grotto with waterfall and pool. The hike starts from in front of the Drakensberg Sun Time Share Units past the Time share swimming pool. It is a well trodden path very suitable for the novice hiker but nevertheless offering one of the most magnificient routes in the area.

Van Dames Cascades via the blue grotto: 5 Hour fairly strenuous.. Follow the blue grotto route and just before the Blue Grotto take the steep path to the left. You will wind upwards to a plateau and then the path will veer right and you will then reach the fence of the World Heritage Site. Go through the access point and wind upwards for a very steep and strenuous climb. When reaching the top take the right path to Van Damms Cascades . The Path goes onto Jacobs Ladder ( not a ladder but a winding steep path)and the top of the Little Berg . The Left path can also be taken for to the Steilberg access route where when reaching the Steilberg path, you will have the option of turning left to the top of the Bergview cottages and back to Drak Sun, or carrying on straight to Monks Cowl gate ( a long walk) or going up the Steilberg to the top of the Little Berg.

Wonder Valley: Five hours + moderate. This secluded and beautiful valley lies on the southern side of the Champagne Valley and is accessed from the R 600 either starting at the road bend just below Champagne Castle Hotel or just above the S Bends slightly above Falcon Ridge. This is private property although access is allowed to the public. If starting from Champagne Castle area follow the path from the top of the bend in the road and follow the contour footpath along the Heritage Site fence. After a long walk you will reach the valley and you will see one or 2 secluded cottages.

Heritage Walk: This easy 3 hour round walk starts at “The Oaks” Supermarket in Dragon Peaks Park and can also be accessed from the other properties in the area. However it does pass through private property and does enter the World Heritage Site so entrance fees must be paid and you must be accompanied by an approved guide. Walks generally commence most days at 9.00 am from the Oaks Supermarket. The walk goes up the Sterkspruit River on into Bush Reserve No 1 which is part of the World Heritage Site. Here you can see a 600 year old Yellow Wood tree and see the saw pits used by the early loggers. Mooney’s pool is a nice stop off place with a small pool with cascading water . The guide will then take you on to Dingaan’s Cave where you can view some good examples of bushman rock art.

Cleo’s Pool:This is best approached from the top of Berghaven cottages although it can also be accessed from the Heritage Walk route detailed above. Take the well marked path from the top of Bergview moving southwards into the valley. The path is very steep and you will eventually reach a stream and Cleo’s pool. There is a small cave next to the stream which has an interesting burial site in the right side of the cave. The burial chamber was upright to cater for a body in a seated position and the remains of a bushman type person were removed for research purposes in the middle of the last Century but the stones of the grave can still be seen.

Monks Cowl Hiking Trails

Central Drakensberg Hiking Trails (2)Sterkspruit Falls: This moderate walk starts at the Monks Cowl entrance . Take the well marked path down to the falls. 1 to 2 hours.
Robin Hood forest on to Crystal Falls. Take The Sphinx path. After a short walk you will come to the turn off the forest and the fern forest. The Sphinx path continues on to Crystal Falls. 2 to 3 hours.

Round Trip to Sterkspruit Falls, onto Nandies Falls and Back to the Entrance. 3 to 4 hours. Take the path to Sterkspruit falls. Before the falls turn up the river and follow the signs to Nandies Falls. Spend some time at the rock pools on the way.

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The Sphinx and onto Breakfast stream back via Kirtland’s Pass. Moderate to Strenuous. + 6hours. This oft walked path takes you on to the top of the Little Berg ( Breakfast Stream) . If you like you can then go on to Blind Mans corner and the contour path. However unless you want to access the contour path for further hikes there is no point in going all the way to the contour path and a preferred option would be to turn off right before Blind Mans Corner and return via Kirtland’s Pass. This less used path offers a real wilderness experience winding down through a secluded valley.

Giants Castle Hiking Trails

Central Drakensberg Hiking Trails (3)World's view From the picnic area take the concrete path down to and across Bannerman Bridge. Follow the path to below Sugarloaf Kop and on up to World's View. A moderate 3 hrs hike (7km)

Bannerman Hut A long hike from the Giant's Camp northwest along a clear path, with an early start it is easy to make the hut by mid-morning. The hut must be booked through KZN Nature Conservation Service.

Berg view a short hike from the Giant's Castle Camp to a popular viewpoint, offering one of the best views of the escarpment, ranging from Giant's Castle to Cathkin Peak. A fair 2 hrs hike (5km)

Centenary Hut Injasuti. Follow the path Pastfergy's Cave for 4kms t centenary of the contour path. A severe 5 hrs hike (10 km).

Champagne Pools a circular walk starting 1km from Giant's Castle main gate. Secluded pools for swimming and fishing. An easy hike (4kms - 1.5 hrs)

Giant's Castle Pass The hike begins at Giant's Castle Camp and continues up to the top of the little Berg, up the very steep Giant's Pass. Not for the inexperienced. An extreme 4 hrs or 6km hike (from Giants Hut)

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Central Drakensberg Hiking Trails (4)Giant's Hut via Oribi Ridge An alternative route to Giant's Hut just south of the two Dassies stream route. It starts at the main Giant's Castle Camp, climbing steadily to the hut, which must be booked. A severe 4 hrs hike (10.5km)

Grysbok Bush This hike, starting at Giant's Castle main camp, takes you up the Bushman's River to the largest forest in the Giant's Castle area.

Langalibalele Pass Follow the path from the main Giant's Castle Camp past the main caves. The path is consistently steep although the pass itself is one of the easiest and shortest in the berg. Follow the path from the main Giant's Castle camp past the main caves. A severe 3 hrs 30 min hike (6.5km)

Main Caves This hike leads from the camp, along the river near the edge of a forest, up to the large caves, which are crucial archaeological sites and have been turned into a museum showing the Bushman's way of life. Tours are conducted throughout the year at set times in the company of a field ranger. An easy 40min hike

Meander Hut There are two ways to get to this hut, which overlooks the Meander Stream from its perch on top of the cliffs of the Little Berg. The hut accommodates four people and it must be booked. A fair hike. (5.5kms - 2hrs)

River Walk this pleasant stroll has no specific destination and can join the forest walk for a most enjoyable ramble. An easy 1.5kms - 30mins hike

Injasuti Hiking Trails

Central Drakensberg Hiking Trails (5)Battle Cave to Injasuti Cave This is a guided tour of the battle cave where a pictorial display of bushman life In this valley complete with a taped guide to the paintings are seen. One can stay for a night at the Lower Injasuti Cave, but bookings must be made in advance for both this and the Battle Cave tour. Trout fishing, hiking, swimming, curios, charcoal, maps. A moderate 4 hrs hike (8.5km)

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Grindstone Caves and Cataract Valley This hike begins at Injasuti camp and follows a circular route via Grindstone Caves, the waterfalls and Cataract Valley. The path follows the Mhlwazini River back to the camp. A moderate 4 hrs hike (13km)

Marble Baths From Injisuthi Camp follow the route to Fergy's Cave but take he right fork along the Injisuthi River approximately 4kms from the start. You can overnight at the Marble Baths Cave. A moderate hike. (8.5kms - 6hrs)Old Kraal and Yellowwood Forest This is a short walk in the vicinity of the camp. From the office at Injasuti take the Cowl Stream fork. At the top of the incline turn left to the walls of the old kraal. And shortly after that left again to the old woman stream. After crossing the river turn left and follow the path back to camp. An easy 1 hr hike (2.5km)

Spare Rib Cave Injasuti. Proceed up Bannerman Pass from Bannerman Hut. The cave is near the top of the escarpment on the left hand side. A severe 2 hrs hike (3kms)

Van Heyningen's Pass to View Point This will serve as a hikers' orientation with the surrounding landscapes and major peaks. A moderate 3 hrs hike (8km)

Wildebeest Plateau This hike is perfect for a day's outing with opportunities to relax and swim, and to observe the surroundings at leisure. A moderate 6 hrs hike (18km)

Great accommodation options for these local hiking trails

Central Drakensberg Hiking Trails (6)Antbear Guest House - Indeed a special find. One of those places you wished you would have stayed longer where the accommodation, view, location, service and food are just perfect. This is the nearest private accommodation option near to Giants Castle and also offers one of the best deals available.

Giants Castle Camp - The upside is that you are inside Giants Castle Nature Reserve. The downside is that you are inside Giants Castle Nature Reserve. You are as close as you can be to starting the hiking trails but far from any of the other attractions available. And the gate opening and closing times make early starts and doing anything after sunset an impossibility. If you do decide to stay here opt for the self catering option and make sure you bring your own food with you. Giants Castle camp offers self catering and has a restaurant.

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Central Drakensberg Hiking Trails (8)Drakensberg Luxury cave lodge Experience something different and stay in the only fully catered luxury cave in the Drakensberg Mountains. And the luxury cave comes with a few special romantic options like a jacuzzi spa bath and fireplace both in the bedroom. Whats more it opens onto a deck with hammock chairs and a panoramic view not often experienced.

Central Drakensberg Hiking Trails (9)Ardmore Guest Farm - While this guest house is a little further away in the Champagne Valley it still a great option to stay when you visit Giants Castle. Also centrally situated this guest house makes for a special few days in the Drakensberg. Ardmore is especially suited to families with units that can accommodate 6 persons.

Central Drakensberg Hiking Trails (10) Wild Berry Guest Farm - A simple B&B situated on the Mooi River / Giants Castle road They only provide breakfast and there are not to many good options where dinner is easily available. So cook your own dinner when you stay at Wild Berry Guest Farm

Central Drakensberg Hiking Trails (11) Glengarry - Lovely self catering accommodation in the Kamberg Valley. Situated right on the Little Mooi River this self catering resort offers trout fishing and a nine hole golf course. The self catering accommodation is in thatched units.

Central Drakensberg Hiking Trails (12) Cleopatra Mountain Farm House - Prepare for some of the most fantastic food you will ever eat. This farm house offers high class fine dining near to Highmoor Nature Reserve. The rates are a pit on the pricy end of the scale but hey you only ever live once. Especially if you are one of those foodie types

Kamberg Nature Reserve - Simple self catering challets in the Kamberg Valley. Make sure you bring your own food as there is little available nearby. Kamberg suffers the same issues as Giants Casle Camp with gate opening times that make staying here sometimes inconvient. But if all you want to do is stay in one place I cant imagine many better accommodation options.

Injasuti Nature Reserve- This is one of the best camp site gems thats available in the Drakensberg. There are also a few self catering challets which are in need of repair and a chronic revamp.

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What is the most scenic hike in Drakensberg? ›

The most picturesque of all the Drakensberg hiking trails is the Tugela Gorge Walk. The route starts at the Royal Natal car park and winds along the river for some 11 kilometres. The first few kilometres start off easy with no steep climb before it starts to get demanding.

What is the hardest hiking trail in the world? ›

Everest Base Camp (EBC)

The Everest Base Camp Trek in the Himalayas in Nepal is one of the most famous and also, the hardest hikes in the world. Everest Base Camp at an altitude of 5,364m is where some of the best mountaineers in the world start their attempt to climb the highest mountain on the planet, Mount Everest.

What is the hardest national scenic trail? ›

Continental Divide Trail

Arguably the most challenging thru-hike of the National Scenic Trails, it traverses five states, ranges from 4,000 to 14,000-feet in elevation, and passes through alpine tundra, broad glacial valleys, craggy mountain peaks, and desolate desert landscapes.

How many days do you need in Drakensberg? ›

To explore the Central Drakensberg fully, I'd recommend a total of 10 days. But you can easily stay for much longer. There is so much to do in the Drakensberg Mountains!

Which is the best part of Drakensberg? ›

Popular destinations in this region of the Drakensberg include Cathedral Peak, Monks Cowl Reserve, the Giants Castle Game Reserve, the Highmoor and the Kamberg. Cathedral Peak includes the Didima Valley, which is famous for its many scenic hiking routes and San Bushmen rock art sites.

What is the most beautiful mountain to hike in the world? ›

Mount Kilimanjaro, which rises to a height of about 19,340 feet and is the highest point in Africa, is one of the most beautiful trails in the world on every trekker's bucket list.

Which is the longest hiking only trail in the US? ›

The Appalachian Trail is the longest hiking-only footpath in the world, ranging from Maine to Georgia.

What are the 3 longest hiking trails in us? ›

The Triple Crown (TC) includes the three longest trails in the United States: The Appalachian Trail (~2,184 miles), the Pacific Crest Trail (~2,654 miles), and the Continental Divide Trail (~3,100 miles).

What is the hardest hike in Acadia? ›

The “Precipice” Trial (loop)

This is probably the most difficult hike in Acadia National Park and not for the faint of heart. So, precede with caution as you climb up this extremely steep cliff with narrow ledges. Precipice Trail has iron rungs, ladders, wooden bridges … and amazing views of Frenchman Bay.

Which is harder the Pacific Crest Trail or the Appalachian trail? ›

That shows, when evaluating the most obvious factor, terrain, the AT is without question the more difficult of the two trails. Not only is the PCT graded much more favorably than the AT, you'll find a much more rugged tread with more rocks and roots on the AT.

What is the hardest national park to get to? ›

The 5 Hardest National Parks to Visit
  • Gates of the Arctic National Park.
  • Dry Tortugas National Park.
  • Isle Royale National Park.
  • Katmai National Park and Preserve.
  • Kobuk Valley National Park.
Sep 22, 2022

Which month is best for Drakensberg? ›

The autumn season from April to May in the Drakensberg is the best season to explore the Drakensberg and hike along the beautiful trails. The temperature then is mild with less rainfall and the nights are cold. With the abundance of greenery and waterfall, this is the best time to witness the natural beauty.

Why do people go to Drakensberg? ›

Giant's Castle is surrounded by deep valleys, grassy plateaus and craggy mountains, offering panoramic views for hikers and mountain climbers. Visitors can enjoy fascinating sightings of ancient rock art, created by the historic San people that once inhabited this spectacular area.

What is special about Drakensberg? ›

The Drakensberg rises to more than 11,400 feet (3,475 metres) and extends roughly northeast to southwest for 700 miles (1,125 km) parallel to the southeastern coast of South Africa. Rock and cave art several thousands of years old has been found in the range. There are many game reserves and parks.

What is the best time to visit the Drakensberg? ›

Best time to visit the Drakensberg

The best time for hiking is in autumn (April and May) or spring (September and October). The days are warm at this time, but cooler than during the hotter summer months (November to March), when you'll also experience daily thunderstorms.

How to dress for Drakensberg? ›

Jeans and long pants – we don't think you want to brave the cold in shorts. Warm shirts – long and short sleeve will do, depending on your activity choice. Thermal wear – they definitely come in handy. Socks, socks and more socks.

What are the big five in Drakensberg? ›

Challenge yourself and hike the Cavern's Big Five – Hlolela, Battleship, Sugar Loaf, Cold Hill, Camels Hump. All proceeds from this hike go to the Royal Drakensberg Education Trust. The Big 5 Hike summits the 5 peaks that surround the Cavern and it is approximately 18 kms and takes most folk 8 hours.

What is the #1 most hiked mountain in the world? ›

Mt Fuji (Japan)

As the perfectly conical backdrop to Tokyo, a city of 13 million people, it's little wonder that Mt Fuji regularly gets spruiked as the most climbed mountain in the world. Figures show that around 300,000 people a year climb to the snowy tip of Japan's highest mountain.

What is the most expensive mountain hike? ›

An expedition up the Himalayan peak has an estimated cost of 84,123 U.S. dollars. With a height of 8,849 meters, this mountain is also the tallest on earth. The second highest-priced ascent that year was Mount Vinson in Antarctica, with a price of 46,618 U.S. dollars.

What is prettiest mountain in us? ›

Most Beautiful Mountains In The US
  1. Denali, Alaska. ...
  2. Mt Saint Elias, Alaska & Yukon Border. ...
  3. Mauna Kea, Hawaii. ...
  4. Mt Hood, Oregon. ...
  5. Mt Rainier, Washington. ...
  6. Half Dome, California. ...
  7. The Tetons, Wyoming. ...
  8. Mount Whitney, California.
May 22, 2023

What is the most famous trail in the US? ›

The Appalachian Trail is a mammoth jaunt encompassing 2,174 miles (3,455km) of the ridges and valleys of the Appalachians which spans 14 of America's states.

What city has the most hiking trails? ›

25 Best Hiking Cities in the U.S.
  • Portland, Oregon | Overall Score: 59.18. Hiking Access: 4. Hiking Quality: 11. ...
  • Phoenix | Overall Score: 57.93. Hiking Access: 1. ...
  • Los Angeles | Overall Score: 57.66. Hiking Access: 11. ...
  • Honolulu | Overall Score: 57.03. Hiking Access: 25. ...
  • Tucson, Arizona | Overall Score: 56.94.
7 days ago

Is there a hiking trail that goes across the US? ›

The American Discovery Trail runs across the center of the US with a northern and southern option in the central states.

What is the most elevation gain hike in the US? ›

The Skyline Trail – aka the Cactus to Clouds Trail – runs about 21.2 miles from Palm Springs to San Jacinto Peak with a hike back to the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway. It sports 10,332 feet of elevation gain.

What is most difficult mountain to climb in North America? ›

Mount McKinley, Alaska (20,320')

As the highest peak in North America, McKinley (or Denali as most call it now) commands respect. Though not Himalayan in altitude, it is considered one of the most difficult mountains in the world to climb.

What is the triple crown of hiking in USA? ›

What is the. Triple Crown of Hiking Award? ALDHA-West recognizes those individuals who have hiked, in their entirety, the complete lengths of the Appalachian Trail (AT), The Continental Divide Trail (CDT), and the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT).

What is the Triple Crown of the American trails? ›

Quite simply, the Triple Crown refers to the Appalachian Trail, Pacific Crest Trail, and Continental Divide Trail—the three longest north/south trails in the United States.

What is the farthest hike in one day? ›

24 hours The greatest distance walked in 24 hours is 228.930km 142 miles 440 yd by Jesse Castenda (USA) at Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA on 18-19 Sep 1976.

Do I need bear spray in Acadia? ›

Since Acadia is dog-friendly and the bears associate dogs with people, it's another reason for them to stay away. So, feel free to leave that bear spray at home, and enjoy your bear-free mountain adventure!

What are the scariest hikes in Acadia? ›

The Precipice Trail is notorious for being Acadia's most dangerous hike. Several people have fallen from the cliffs and died, so this trail is not to be underestimated. If you have a fear of heights or are traveling with children, skip this hike. And under no circumstances, do not hike the Precipice Trail in the rain.

Is hiking in Acadia National Park difficult? ›

Hiking Trails in Acadia National Park are often interconnected and range in difficulty from easy to strenuous. There are over 120 miles of trails to select from. Add to this the famous Carriage Roads, and the day hiker has a wide selection of enjoyable hiking options.

What is the average age for the Pacific Crest Trail? ›


The average age of survey respondents was 34 (σ = 12).

What percent of PCT hikers finish? ›

Despite being slightly longer than the Appalachian Trail, the PCT has a similar completion rate. The Pacific Crest Trail Association estimates that 700 to 800 people attempt to thru-hike it each year, and about 15% to 35% (versus the AT's 25%) actually succeed.

What is the hardest state on the Appalachian Trail? ›

1. Southern Maine. For hikers heading north, hitting Maine is a significant milestone, and they are rewarded with this section that's arguably the most challenging on the trail.

What is the most untouched national park? ›

While not located in the United States, the US territories of American Samoa National Park are arguably the most remote.

What is America's least visited national park? ›

Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve in Alaska is the least-visited US national park.

What is America's number 1 national park? ›

1. Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho.

Is there malaria in Drakensberg? ›

There is also no malaria in other popular areas such as Cape Town, the Cape Winelands, the Garden Route, Durban and the KwaZulu-Natal south coast, the uKhahlamba-Drakensberg and Johannesburg.

What is the coldest month in Drakensberg? ›

Quick Climate Info
Hottest MonthFebruary (71 °F avg)
Coldest MonthJune (53 °F avg)
Wettest MonthJanuary (4.09" avg)
Windiest MonthNovember (6 mph avg)
1 more row

Where does it snow the most in Drakensberg? ›

Highmoor is the highest KZN Wildlife camp in the Drakesberg so its little wonder the Highmoor experiences more snow than any other part of the Drakensberg Mountains.

How many people died in Drakensberg? ›

Drakensberg Traverse, South Africa

Reportedly about 55 people died at the Drakensberg Traverse before 1985 after which the numbers were no longer counted.

What does Drakensberg mean in English? ›

The “Drakensberg” – derived from the Afrikaans name, “Drakensberg” meaning “Dragon Mountains” is the name given to the Eastern Portion of the Great Escarpment.

Which part of Drakensberg is best? ›

Central Drakensberg

Popular destinations in this region of the Drakensberg include Cathedral Peak, Monks Cowl Reserve, the Giants Castle Game Reserve, the Highmoor and the Kamberg. Cathedral Peak includes the Didima Valley, which is famous for its many scenic hiking routes and San Bushmen rock art sites.

Do people live in the Drakensberg Mountains? ›

Introduction. The uKhahlamba-Drakensberg mountains in the west of KwaZulu-Natal, bordering on Lesotho, has been home to people for over 25ka years, although, as will be shown in this paper, the primary occupation has been within the last 3ka years.

What is the highest waterfall in Drakensberg? ›

The falls are located near the source of the Tugela River in the Drakensberg mountains and are situated within Royal Natal National Park. Tugela Falls ranks among the world's highest, with an uninterrupted leap of 1,350 feet (411 metres) and a total drop of 3,110 feet (947 metres).

What is the grand traverse of the Drakensberg? ›

Discover this 125.5-mile point-to-point trail near Clarens, Free State. Generally considered a challenging route. This is a popular trail for backpacking, camping, and hiking, but you can still enjoy some solitude during quieter times of day.

How long is the Devil's Slide trail? ›

Devil's Slide Trail is a 1.3-mile multi-use trail, converted from a former segment of Highway 1, that gives hikers, runners, bicyclists and equestrians access the rocky heights of Devil's Slide above the Pacific Ocean.

What are the 5 Peaks challenge Drakensberg? ›

The Big 5 Hike summits the 5 peaks that surround the Cavern and it is approximately 18 kms and takes most folk 8 hours. Each hiker needs to raise or better this years target of R9,000 and in return enjoy the spectacular hospitality of The Cavern for free.

Where is the widest waterfall in the world? ›

Khone Falls is the widest waterfall in the world, spanning 10 kilometres from side to side. They are on the Mekong river in southern Laos, near the border with Cambodia.

Where is the tallest waterfall in the world? ›

1. Angel Falls, Venezuela. Angel Falls in Venezuela is considered the highest waterfall in the world, featuring a plunge of more than 800 meters.

What is Africa largest waterfall? ›

Victoria Falls – Zimbabwe/Zambia Border

Victoria Falls has the largest volume of falling water, with over 5 million cubic meters of water dropping over every minute in peak season! This has earned it the title of the World's Largest Waterfall.

What hiker is missing in Drakensberg? ›

Well-known Cape Town adventurer and hiker Johann van Coller was reported missing in the Drakensberg area, sending his family, friends and community into a panic. He was reported missing on October 26. Thankfully, van Coller is alive and well. In fact, he walked in to Witsieshoek Mountain Lodge today, October 29.

Where did the queen stay in the Drakensberg? ›

The royal family visited the Bergville area in 1947 out of respect for the South African effort in the Second World War. They stayed at the famous Royal Natal Hotel in the Drakensberg.

What is unique about the Drakensberg? ›

Did you know: Drakensberg is a 200km long mountain range with the tallest peak at 3,500m, the highest in Southern Africa. Unique for: between 35,000 and 40,000 bushman rock paintings can be found here.

How hard is the devils path? ›

Experience this 21.9-mile point-to-point trail near Elka Park, New York. Generally considered a challenging route, it takes an average of 14 h 59 min to complete. This is a popular trail for backpacking, camping, and hiking, but you can still enjoy some solitude during quieter times of day.

How hard is Devils Hole hike? ›

Generally considered a moderately challenging route. This is a popular trail for off-road driving, but you can still enjoy some solitude during quieter times of day.

How hard is the Devils Bathtub hike? ›

Difficulty Level:

Moderate because of the river crossings. You must pay close attention to the trail markers, which are yellow painted triangles on trees or rocks. It could be easy to get lost if not paying close enough attention.

Which 3 Peaks is hardest? ›

Ben Nevis is purportedly the hardest mountain (and highest peak) of the Three Peaks Challenge. That's why people tend to do it first if they're taking the 24 hour challenge.

How long does it take to climb Drakensberg? ›

It is then an easy walk across the flat top of the Drakensberg Amphitheatre (3,000m) to where the Tugela falls drop over the cliff edge. In total, this route is about 6 km (one-way) and takes around 2 hours and 40 minutes from the car park.

What is the highest cave in Drakensberg? ›

Injusuthi Summit Cave at 3289m is the highest cave in the Drakensberg. The cave offers good shelter and out of this world views.


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5. Blue Grotto hike, central Drakensberg
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6. Hiking Injisuthi, Central Drakensberg


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