15 Best Places to Live in Oregon (Helpful Local's Guide) (2023)

15 Best Places to Live in Oregon (Helpful Local's Guide) (1)

As a lifelong local and proud advocate for my beloved home state, I often get asked about the best places to live in Oregon.

I’ve spent a lot of my time exploring the state and decided it was time to draft up my personal list of the best cities to live in Oregon. Now, before the smart-assy responses start rolling in, allow me to explain that I haven’t personally lived in all these Oregon cities (who has?).

Rather, this list is a collection of the most beautiful towns in Oregon, coupled with helpful information about daily life. I also have a lot of friends that have moved out of Portland and now enjoy living in various cities in Oregon and asked them to chime in.

Without further ado, let’s jump into this list of the best places to live in Oregon. I hope you enjoy (and don’t hesitate to reach out with questions, I’m at your disposal).

15 Best Places to Live in Oregon (Helpful Local's Guide) (2)

Remember this popular kids book? It rings true today. No two people are created alike, as such, I’ll divvy up this list of the best places to live in Oregon by city size.

Best Small Towns Oregon

For this list of the best small towns in Oregon, I’m highlighting places with a population of up to 35,000 residents.

#1. Hood River

  • Population: 8,350
  • Median home price: $820K

Personally speaking, if I were rich (married for love, learn from my mistake), I’d buy a home in Hood River. This is easily one of the best places to live in Oregon and locals know it (especially if home prices are any indication).

The reason is simple, Hood River is one of the most beautiful cities in Oregon. Mt. Hood serves as a striking backdrop to a charming downtown core where outdoorsy locals buzz around before schlepping off on an outdoor adventure.

15 Best Places to Live in Oregon (Helpful Local's Guide) (3)

The area is ripe for exploration, offering panoramic mountain views and tons of hiking trails, this Oregon city attracts active folks in hordes. The activity of the hour seems to be wind surfing (Hood River is the wind surfing capital of the world!), but you’re bound to find a new-to-you activity to pick up.

The city doesn’t let locals go thirsty either. Home to a plethora of great breweries and top-notch wineries, there’s always something happening on the weekends.

My favorite part about Hood River are the charming farms. I have a tradition of driving over in the fall (for apples), spring (for blooms) and summer (for wineries). This is definitely one of the most charming towns in Oregon (by a country mile).

15 Best Places to Live in Oregon (Helpful Local's Guide) (4)

#2. Happy Valley

  • Population: 25,700
  • Median home price: $693K

Some argue that Happy Valley is one of the best places to live in Oregon for the name alone (and I can’t say I disagree). Located a stone’s throw from Clackamas, Happy Valley offers an escape from the bustle of the city while still being well-connected.

Residents have access to an abundance of restaurants and big chain stores, all while being a mere 30-minute drive to downtown Portland. With average household incomes clocking in at $125K, median home prices are reflected accordingly (these bad boys are steep).

Happy Valley is a good place to live for folks that want a big house with a yard in a nice neighborhood. Seems like many locals end up move to area when looking for the best places to retire in Oregon because it has a very calm vibe.

15 Best Places to Live in Oregon (Helpful Local's Guide) (5)

#3. McMinnville

  • Population: 34,600
  • Median home price: $450K

A place where the state’s applauded wine country meets the panoramic views of the Pacific Coast Range mountains, McMinnville is considered one of the best Oregon small towns and it’s not hard to see why.

Being a stone’s throw from award wining wineries will do that! A city for foodies, wine enthusiasts and nature nuts — this small town in Oregon can satiate any palate.

One of my best friends was born and raised in McMinnville, so we often talk about the differences between city vs. small town living in Oregon. He moved to Portland eight years ago but is toying with the idea of buying a home in McMinnville because houses are way more affordable.

I asked him to elaborate on what he loves so much about McMinnville and — without a beat — he dove into the charming small town feel. He believes that locals look out for each other and there’s a sense of community that most major cities lack.

Chock-full of friendly locals, great restaurants and access to the state’s breathtaking wine country, this place is a gem, which is why I consider it one of the best places to live in Oregon.

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15 Best Places to Live in Oregon (Helpful Local's Guide) (6)

#4. Lincoln City

  • Population: 10,000
  • Median home price: $500K

No list of the best places to live in Oregon would be complete without mentioning a coastal town.

(Video) Top 10 Places To Visit In Oregon

I feel like this should come with a qualifier though — Lincoln City is gray and rainy most of the year, but that doesn’t stop it from being one of the best places to live in Oregon. Located along the central coast, the scenery of this popular Oregon city can’t be beat.

Home to some of the most beautiful spans of beaches (and one of my favorite recreation areas in the state, Devil’s Lake!), you’ll seldom want for much. And that’s mostly who this coastal town attracts, retirees content with watching the formidable Pacific Ocean without skipping a beat.

The average age of residents in Lincoln City is 50 years old, making it evident that many locals consider the coast as the one of the best places to retire in Oregon. The biggest complaint seems to be lack of access to healthcare (most local hospitals are tiny and severely understaffed).

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15 Best Places to Live in Oregon (Helpful Local's Guide) (7)

Best Medium-Sized Cities in Oregon

This list of the best places to live in Oregon is limited to medium-sized cities (population between 35,000 – 100,000 residents).

#1. Beaverton

  • Population: 98,000
  • Median home price: $500K

Beaverton is a popular place to live in Oregon because it houses the world headquarters of Nike. But between me and you, the Costco around the corner from Nike is my biggest reason for popping over.

My friend Marissa recently bought a home in Beaverton (we were neighbors in NW Portland, here’s photos of our apartment), because she was ready to start a family. Located less than 10 miles west of Portland, the city of Beaverton seems like a beautiful (and calm) alternative to the City of roses.

Alas, the city is charming, I’ll give them that. The area was used for farming not that long ago, but as with most places, folks from Portland started moving to the outskirts of town for larger homes and lawns.

Today the area is full of tech companies and offers ample employment opportunities. Plus, our friend Marissa lives there and she’s pretty great too.

15 Best Places to Live in Oregon (Helpful Local's Guide) (8)

#2. Lake Oswego

  • Population: 40,500
  • Median home price: $782K

Lake Oswego is where the wealthy congregate. Most of the Trail Blazers own homes in this affluent Oregon city (and so does my landlord, so that’s how I really know). The median household income is $122,000, which makes the obnoxious housing prices somewhat more palatable.

Built around Lake Oswego, the area is gorgeous (the homes equally so), has great schools, feels safe and is a short commute downtown. The biggest disadvantage of living in this Oregon city is the lack of diversity (less than 1% of the population identifies as black).

Likewise, some folks view Lake Oswego as an uppity, out-of-touch with reality place. This doesn’t surprise me much. I’m beginning to think that every city has to have at least one neighborhood that people view as snobby and exclusive (alas, we have Lake Oswego).

So prepare for that stigma, but don’t let it sway your decision too much (people always have opinions, no matter what you do).

#3. Medford

  • Population: 86,400
  • Median home price: $710K

Tucked neatly into the picturesque rolling hills of southern Oregon, Medford is often considered one of the prettiest cities in Oregon. And damn, it’s not hard to see why.

Just a stone’s throw from the California border and less than 80 miles from the coast, Medford offers respite and easy daily living for those that don’t shy away from being self-sufficient (there’s a lot of farms around here).

15 Best Places to Live in Oregon (Helpful Local's Guide) (9)

You’ll also never feel too far removed — this Oregon city has its own airport (Rogue Valley International Airport). Sure layovers are practically guaranteed, but hey — sure beats driving 3 hours to the nearest airport otherwise.

Medford seems to be most lively in the summer months when the nearby town of Ashland attracts visitors for the famous Oregon Shakespeare Festival. The area also swarms with Oregonians during the summer months, everyone eager to spend a weekend at the breathtaking nearby wineries.

If you plan to visit before decided on where to live in Oregon, I suggest popping over to Crater Lake National Park for the day. Boasting striking shades of deep blue water, this is one of the 7 Wonders of Oregon and warrants a detour.

15 Best Places to Live in Oregon (Helpful Local's Guide) (10)

#4. Corvallis

  • Population: 60,000
  • Median home price: $508K

Home to Oregon State University, Corvallis is no stranger to the nightlife that comes with lively college towns. Vibrant and fun, the city is divided by the Willamette River, which swells with locals during the hot summer months.

(Video) 7 TOP SECRETS Only Locals Know About Portland Oregon

But you don’t have to be a college student to enjoy the perks of Corvallis. I spend a lot of time in this area because it’s a great base for exploring Willamette Valley.

Corvallis has a marine west coast climate, with Mediterranean characteristics (which makes this area prime for vineyards). Temperatures are pretty mild year-round, but the winters are notoriously wet and gray.

Still, the weather can be tolerated when the views are as good as this (this is one of the most beautiful places to live in Oregon).

In terms of jobs, the largest employer in town is Oregon State University followed by Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center. So if you work in the education or medical fields, you may want to explore Corvallis and see if it’s a good place to live in Oregon for you personally.

#5. Grants Pass

  • Population: 39,400
  • Median home price: $380K

Sitting pretty along the banks of the Rogue River, Grants Pass is one of the best medium-sized cities in Oregon for nature lovers. With a population nearing 40,000 (14% increase over the last 10 years), the city seems to be gaining popularity.

A reliable mainstay in the wine community, Grants Pass attracts folks who can’t stay away from nature. You’ll be living in the heart of the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest, which offers a never-ending list of hiking opportunities.

In terms of jobs, the average household income in this Oregon city is $50K which leaves much to be desired (largest employers listed here). But outdoor recreation is the draw here and how much money do you need for that (outside of the first round of purchasing camping/hiking gear)?

15 Best Places to Live in Oregon (Helpful Local's Guide) (11)

#6. Oregon City

  • Population: 37,500
  • Median home price: $513K

Here’s the deal: Oregon City is one of the fastest growing cities in Oregon state, so it deserves mention. Located north of Clackamas, people are starting to move to the area because home prices are much more affordable. The drive downtown takes 25 minutes without traffic, but closer to an hour with.

The median household income hovers around $85K, with many folks commuting into Portland for work. The Willamette River is the draw of the town because it offers ample outdoor recreation opportunities. If you’re itching for more adventure, you’re about an hour from Mt. Hood and 1.5 hours from the coast.

All around, Oregon City is a great, calm place to live in Oregon. Your needs will be met (restaurants, stores, etc.) without having to trek into the city. Although the city is a mere 25-minutes away, should you want to pop over.

5 Best Oregon Cities to Live In

For this post, I’m categorizing Oregon cities that have a population greater than 100,000 residents. As you know, cities tend to offer more than rural areas in terms of activities, events and food culture. Likewise, cities tend to be gritter (read: dirtier) and come with disadvantages that some folks steer clear of.

You know yourself best, here’s the info you need to know when decided on the best large cities to live in Oregon.

#5. Hillsboro

  • Population: 106,500
  • Median home price: $515K

Most of my coworkers (I live in Portland) moved to Hillsboro in the past 2-3 years. The housing is more affordable (and the lawns are bigger, some say greener), so the recent influx of new residents checks out. I mean, this is the 5th largest city in Oregon for a reason.

Located 20 miles west of Portland, Hillsboro offers quick access to the city when needed, although let’s get real — that traffic is a bear. Regardless, this city is home to ample job opportunities, amenities and parks, making it one of the best cities to live in Oregon.

Hillsboro was pretty small (and largely overlooked) until the late 1980s when major tech companies moved to town, like Intel and Oracle.

Now the area is ripe with biomedical, telecom, banks and data centers. The area’s tech industry is so well known in fact, that the corridor between Hillsboro and Beaverton is referred to as the Silicon Forest.

With a median household income of nearly $92K, Hillsboro is one of the best places to live in Oregon for job seekers (and career ladder climbers alike).

15 Best Places to Live in Oregon (Helpful Local's Guide) (12)

#4. Salem

  • Population: 177,750
  • Median home price: $425K

Those researching where to live in Oregon may be pleasantly surprised by Salem. The town is slowly shedding its sleepy vibe and attracting new residents annually (the population has grown by 13% over the past 10 years).

One of my favorite coworkers (am I allowed to say that?) moved to Salem before the pandemic. I missed her terribly and tried to annoy her into moving pack to Portland (which went as well as you can imagine).

She said that the busyness of city living was wearing her down and she wanted a change of pace. She researched the best places to live in Oregon and ultimately landed on Salem.

Her logic? She felt she could enjoy a slower pace of daily life while still getting access to big city amenities (like restaurants, events).

(Video) Top 10 Things to do in Portland, Oregon

Seems like she’s not the only one that thinks so. Salem is one of the most populous cities in Oregon (second to Portland). This is largely thanks to Salem being the seat of the state capital, which means you’ll be rubbing elbows with government employees left and right if you choose to live here.

Career advancement (in the public sector) seems like a safe bet, as does the traditional 9-5 life that comes with government work. In this way, Salem is one of the best places to live in Oregon for families.

So yeah, good job opportunities, city amenities and easy access to the forests, mountains and the striking Oregon coast. It’s not hard to see why Salem is considered one of the best places to live in Oregon for nature lovers.

Hell, you don’t even need to leave the downtown core to get your fill of nature. Take a pleasant stroll down Waterfront Park and take in the scenery at Minto-Brown Park.

15 Best Places to Live in Oregon (Helpful Local's Guide) (13)

#3. Eugene

  • Population: 175,000
  • Median home price: $450k

Salem and Eugene often get compared to each other. The general consensus seems to be that Salem is what Eugene would be if it weren’t a college town.

And it’s true, the vibrant and youthful culture of the University of Oregon (birthplace of Nike) adds something special to the city. Hence, many people consider it one of the best places to live in Oregon.

If you like the idea of living in a university town but don’t want to be inundated with college students on the daily, you’ll be happy to learn that the university area is entirely avoidable. The neighborhoods are charming and make it easy to do everything you need without leaving a specific area.

The best part about living in Eugene, one of Oregon’s most populous cities, is the access to outdoor recreation. You’ll be spoiled for choice with epic nature and ample hiking trails. And when you find yourself getting the city itch? Well, Portland is a mere 2-hour drive away, making it an easy weekend destination.

15 Best Places to Live in Oregon (Helpful Local's Guide) (14)
Is Eugene’s neighbor, Springfield, one of the most famous cities in Oregon?

Fun Fact: Eugene neighbors Springfield, Oregon. Sound familiar? If you’ve seen the Simpsons then you’ll know why. For ages the creator of the show, Matt Groening kept folks on their toes about the real-life inspiration for the town. However, he finally spilled the beans in 2012.

“Springfield was named after Springfield, Oregon,” Groening, 58, told The Smithsonian. “The only reason is that when I was a kid, the TV show Father Knows Best took place in the town of Springfield and I was thrilled because I imagined that it was the town next to Portland, my hometown.”

#2. Bend (Best Oregon city for nature enthusiasts)

  • Population: 102,000
  • Median home price: $675K

I know some locals will have beef with my listing Bend as a large city, but with a population flirting with 100,000, it fits the description. And I’ll give credit with credit is due, Bend is one of the best towns in Oregon (as charming as can be). But it’s simply not, well not anymore at least.

Alas, now that I have that off my chest, let me explain why I think Bend is one of the best places to live in Central Oregon. For starters, this is where everyone kinda wants to live.

How do I know? Median home prices clocking in at a steep $675,000, what more proof do you need?

15 Best Places to Live in Oregon (Helpful Local's Guide) (15)

Bend is best know for two things: epic outdoor recreation and top-notch breweries, plus, there’s always something fun to do in Bend. Many locals (myself included) consider Bend one of the best cities to live in Oregon for nature lovers. Nature is in your backyard, you can’t escape it if you tried.

From fragrant ponderosa pine forests to some of the most striking mountains in the cascade range, the hiking possibility are endless. (If interested, my husband and I spent a year hiking every trail in the area and came up with a list of 20 Jaw-Dropping Hikes in Bend).

Folks can’t get enough of this beloved Oregon city, but don’t just take my word for it! According to WalletHut, Bend was the second-fastest growing city in America in 2020.

Bend is one of the best places to retire in Oregon, but expect to rub elbows with folks from all demographics because this is a wonderful town and the secret has been out for a while.

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15 Best Places to Live in Oregon (Helpful Local's Guide) (16)
Local’s Tip: Other Oregon cities to consider

Bend is fast becoming one of the most expensive places to live in Oregon. As such, I suggest exploring the neighboring city of Redmond. You’ll have unparalleled access to the great outdoors but with median home prices landing at $492K, you’ll save a pretty penny compared to living in Bend.


#1. Portland (best place to live in Oregon for city dwellers)

  • Population: 640,100
  • Median home price: $490K

Ah Portland. My little corner of the world. Colorful, beautiful and weird, what more could a gal ask for? I’ve lived in Portland my whole life, which is why I consider it one of the best places to live in Oregon.

The city is ripe for exploration. Full of nationally-recognized restaurants, epic hiking trails, never-ending list of events and access to the breathtaking outdoors. Beaches, forests, mountains — you name it, we have it.

The reasons for loving Portland are too many to list here, so I suggest popping over to my personal list of the . This helpful guide will give you a thorough look into daily life in Portland (tip to the wise — the fun lives in the comments, tons of other locals chimed in as well).

15 Best Places to Live in Oregon (Helpful Local's Guide) (17)

Best Cities in Oregon to Live (Post Overview)

In sum, here’s a quick roundup of the best places to live in Oregon.

Best Large Cities in Oregon
  1. Portland
  2. Bend
  3. Eugene
  4. Salem
  5. Hillsboro
Medium-Sized Cities in Oregon
  1. Beaverton
  2. Lake Oswego
  3. Medford
  4. Corvallis
  5. Grants Pass
  6. Oregon City
Best Small Towns in Oregon
  1. Hood River
  2. Happy Valley
  3. McMinnville
  4. Lincoln City

Where to live in Oregon (FAQ)

What’s the most populous city in Oregon?

With a population of 640,100 residents, Portland is the most populous city in Oregon. Runners up include Salem and Eugene.

Which Oregon cities have the highest crime rate?

The Oregon cities with the highest crime rates include Madras, Ontario and Prineville.

Which cities in Oregon have the lowest crime rates?

The Oregon cities with the lowest crime rates are: West Linn (population 30,000), Sherwood (population 20,000) and Monmouth (population 11,000).

How many cities are there in Oregon?

Oregon is home to 241 cities, around 71% of Oregonians live in cities.

What’s the population of Oregon?

The state of Oregon is home to 4.3 million residents, making it the 27th most populous state in the country.

Map of the best places to live in Oregon




What part of Oregon is best to live in? ›

What are the best places to live in Oregon?
  • Hillsboro.
  • Bend.
  • Sherwood.
  • West Linn.
  • Medford.
  • Wilsonville.
  • Lincoln City.
  • Scappoose.
Mar 5, 2023

Why Oregon is the best place to live? ›

From towering volcanic peaks to breathtaking beaches and vast deserts, Oregon has it all. In fact, Oregon is home to the deepest lake in America (Crater Lake), the deepest river gorge in the country and is also home to the windsurfing capital of the world.

What is the most affordable place to live in Oregon? ›

Cheapest Places to Live in Oregon
  • Baker City. The cheapest city to live in Oregon is Baker City. ...
  • Ontario. Ontario is the second-cheapest place to live in Oregon. ...
  • La Grande. ...
  • Umatilla. ...
  • Milton-Freewater. ...
  • Klamath Falls. ...
  • Hermiston. ...
  • Coos Bay.
Jan 18, 2023

What city in Oregon has the best weather year round? ›

Klamath Falls, located near the California border and close to the Willamette National Forest, boasts Oregon's sunniest city, with the best climate in the state. Klamath Falls has well over 300 days of sunshine per year, earning it the title “City of Sunshine” in Oregon.

Why are people moving out of Oregon? ›

While some Oregonians are heading south, many are also heading north to Seattle, while others make their way to Arizona and Texas. An article by KGW-TV cites changing housing priorities due to the pandemic and high taxes as reasons why people choose to leave Portland.

Is Oregon a good place to live for seniors? ›

Oregon is a somewhat friendly state for retirees. While it does tax pension income, and doesn't allow deductions on income from retirement accounts, the state has no sales taxes, and retirees below a certain income threshold can claim a 9% credit on that income.

Where is the cheapest place to retire in Oregon? ›

Ontario, the most affordable city in Oregon, lies along the Snake River that borders Idaho. This small town is home to mountain ranges, river canyons, and a desert which makes it the perfect spot for outdoor enthusiasts.

Where do most retirees move to? ›

Here are the top 10 states retirees moved to in 2021, according to SmartAsset.
Top 10 states where retirees moved in 2021.
3.South Carolina19K
4.North Carolina19K
5 more rows
2 days ago

Does Oregon tax retirement and Social Security? ›

Oregon doesn't tax your Social Security benefits. Any Social Security benefits included in your federal adjusted gross income (AGI) are subtracted on your Oregon return. Does your federal income include any of these? Interest or dividends from U.S. bonds or notes, includ- ing savings bonds and Treasury bills.

Where are the lowest property taxes in Oregon? ›

Josephine County has the lowest property tax rate anywhere in Oregon. Voters' anti-tax sentiment has as much to do with the county's timber history as with its residents' political views.

What are the safest cities in Oregon to live? ›

Here are the 10 Safest Cities in Oregon for 2023
  • Lake Oswego.
  • Independence.
  • Central Point.
  • Canby.
  • Sherwood.
  • Bend.
  • Lebanon.
  • Newberg-Dundee.
Mar 13, 2023

What coastal town in Oregon has the best weather? ›

Never too hot or too cold, Manzanita, Oregon, has extremely favorable weather all year round. With a minimal number of rainy days year-round, October - April are the wettest months.

Where in Oregon is the least rainy? ›

Klamath Falls is Oregon's “City of Sunshine” with nearly 300 sunny days each year. While most people think of Oregon as rainy, Klamath Falls is perched at 4,100 feet on the east side of the Cascade Mountain Range with a very different weather pattern than our coastal and I-5 corridor neighbors.

What is the rainiest city in Oregon? ›

In 1997 it was labeled the wettest place in Oregon, and in 1996 it set an all-time calendar year rainfall record for the contiguous United States with 204.04 inches (5,182.6 mm).
Laurel Mountain (Oregon)
Laurel Mountain
Laurel Mountain Location in Oregon
Highest point
Elevation3,592 ft (1,095 m) NAVD 88
Prominence2,829 ft (862 m)
6 more rows

Where do Oregonians move to? ›

Washington is the top state where Oregon residents want to move to. California and Arizona are the second and third choices. PORTLAND Ore.

Where do most people move to Oregon from? ›

States sending the most people to Oregon
  • #8. Utah. ...
  • #7. Florida. ...
  • #6. Texas. ...
  • #5. Idaho. ...
  • #4. Colorado. ...
  • #3. Arizona. - Moved from Arizona to Oregon in 2019: 6,540. ...
  • #2. Washington. - Moved from Washington to Oregon in 2019: 21,339. ...
  • #1. California. - Moved from California to Oregon in 2019: 37,927.
Jul 10, 2022

What is the #1 state people are moving out of? ›

Top states residents are leaving

The annual 2022 United Van Lines National Movers study is out! But it wasn't good news for New Jersey or New York. A similar report from United Van Lines showed New Jersey as the top outbound state, followed by Illinois, New York, Michigan, and Wyoming.

What age is considered elderly in Oregon? ›

Oregon has medical benefits for people who are age 65 and older, are blind, or have a disability.

Does Oregon tax senior citizens? ›

Oregon is moderately tax-friendly toward retirees. Social Security income is not taxed. Withdrawals from retirement accounts are fully taxed. Wages are taxed at normal rates, and your marginal state tax rate is 8.75%.

Can Oregon tax my pension if I move out of state? ›

Q: Can PERS retirees move out of state and avoid Oregon income taxes? A: Yes. Oregon does not collect income taxes from retirees who have established residency outside the state, but they are subject to the tax rates imposed by their home state or country.

What town in Oregon has the best weather year round? ›

Never too hot or too cold, Manzanita, Oregon, has extremely favorable weather all year round. With a minimal number of rainy days year-round, October - April are the wettest months. June - October is the ideal time to visit!

What are the safest and best places to live in Oregon? ›

Here are the 10 Safest Cities in Oregon for 2023
  • Lake Oswego.
  • Independence.
  • Central Point.
  • Canby.
  • Sherwood.
  • Bend.
  • Lebanon.
  • Newberg-Dundee.
Mar 13, 2023

What is the safest place in Oregon? ›

West Linn boasts some of the lowest property crimes in Oregon, not to mention the very low violent crime rates. For perspective, the state's average violent crime rate is 3.6 per 1,000 residents. All this to say, West Linn is definitely one of the safest places to live in Oregon.

What part of Oregon is the warmest in the winter? ›

Even though it's situated on the coast, Brookings often has the highest temperatures in the state, and that pleasant beach weather makes it attractive for RV travelers, many of whom stay for months at a time. From the looks of things, more than a few snowbirds never leave this part of southern Oregon.

What cities in Oregon get the least amount of snow? ›

Roseburg, nestled in a spur of the western Cascades in the southern part of the state, rarely accumulates snow, and the Pelton Dam area on the Deschutes River near Warm Springs sees fewer than ten inches of precipitation a year.

Where is the best place in Oregon for climate change? ›

Climate Risks for Cities in Oregon

The city with the lowest overall risk is Corvallis. For heat, Corvallis has the lowest risk and Medford has the highest risk. For precipitation, Bend has the lowest risk and Portland has the highest risk.

Where is the driest place to live in Oregon? ›

Precipitation in the state varies widely: some western coastal slopes approach 200 inches (5,100 mm) annually, while the driest places, such as the Alvord Desert (in the rain shadow of Steens Mountain) in eastern Oregon, get as little as 5 inches (130 mm).

What is the most common crime in Oregon? ›

Larceny. On average, larceny is the most committed crime across the state of Oregon, making up nearly three-quarters of all crimes committed statewide.

Is Oregon a good place for seniors? ›

Oregon is a somewhat friendly state for retirees. While it does tax pension income, and doesn't allow deductions on income from retirement accounts, the state has no sales taxes, and retirees below a certain income threshold can claim a 9% credit on that income. How Much Do You Need to Retire in Oregon?

What is the poorest city in Oregon? ›

Of the 200 towns in the state with available data, Grand Ronde ranks as the poorest. The typical Grand Ronde household earns just $27,465 a year, 60.8% less than the statewide median household income. Given the low incomes, it is not surprising that a larger than average share of residents live in poverty.


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