13 Best A24 Horror Movies of All Time, Ranked According to IMDb (2023)

Since its formation in 2012, indie studio A24 has established itself as a purveyor of fresh and exciting stories. Ten years on, many of its films have achieved critical and commercial success, with their horror flicks striking a chord with the audience. A horror movie with the “A24” logo at the start is bound to generate a buzz even before its release. This year alone, the studio has released X, Men, and Bodies Bodies Bodies.

What makes A24’s horror films so beloved is their willingness to explore uncomfortable themes and create strange, surreal worlds. From slashers to psychological nightmares to historical horrors, their films always seek to challenge the audience. If you’ve never watched an A24 horror movie, now is the time to start.

Updated on April 17, 2023, by Jessie Nguyen:

A24 has been dominating the market by releasing high-quality, diverse, and original films every year. On April 21st, 2023, the studio will release one of the most anticipated horror films, Beau is Afraid, starring Joaquin Phoenix, which piqued fans' interest in searching for and revisiting more of A24's released horror films.



13 'Bodies Bodies Bodies' (2022)

13 Best A24 Horror Movies of All Time, Ranked According to IMDb (1)

IMDb Rating: 6.2/10

Bodies Bodies Bodies revolves around a group of young adults in their 20s who have a "hurricane party" at a property owned by one of the group members' family. The party begins with a find-the-killer murder mystery game with the lights out while the storm rages outside. And when one of the members dies, there is a generalized frenzy that causes the selfish, egotistical backstabbers to turn on one another.

The movie assembles a bunch of young, bright performers who seem to go above and beyond their roles. Although the beginning may resemble Spring Breakers, it soon turns into a full-blown murder mystery by Agatha Christie, with Bodies Bodies Bodies' Gen-Z satire highlighting how no character seems to know what's going on.

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12 'Under the Skin' (2013)

13 Best A24 Horror Movies of All Time, Ranked According to IMDb (2)

IMDb Rating: 6.3/10

A beautiful woman chatting up a man may sound like the start of a romance, but not in Under the Skin. In this sci-fi horror movie, Scarlett Johansson plays an otherworldly being who preys on men and takes them home, where a terrifying fate awaits.

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Under the Skin’s intimate focus on the protagonist and her conflicting emotions allows you to see her in a troubling yet sympathetic view. Loosely based on the novel of the same name by Michel Faber, this film is notable for using non-actors in unscripted scenes. It results in a raw, haunting experience that keeps you guessing.

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11 'X' (2022)

13 Best A24 Horror Movies of All Time, Ranked According to IMDb (3)

IMDb Rating: 6.6/10

The cast and crew of an adult film travel to a rural Texas property that belongs to an elderly couple. They decide to film their movie in secret, but their hosts figure out their true intentions. Soon, the group is caught in a desperate fight for their lives.

X is a throwback to 70s slashers with its retro vibe and homages to films such as The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. It’s a gory take on hedonistic desire versus conservative beliefs, youth versus old age, and ambition versus regret. Mia Goth proves she's a contemporary scream queen by giving a standout performance and playing two different characters who have more in common than they realized.

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10 'Saint Maud' (2020)

13 Best A24 Horror Movies of All Time, Ranked According to IMDb (4)

IMDb Rating: 6.7/10

After a tragedy at work, a young nurse named Maud (Morfydd Clark) becomes pious and converts to Roman Catholicism. She is charged with the hospice care of Amanda (Jennifer Ehle), a retired dancer living with cancer. Maud becomes convinced that she must save Amanda’s soul from eternal damnation.

Saint Maud is a psychological horror about faith, trauma, and mental health. Maud’s way of dealing with her guilt leads her to become obsessed with religion, to the point where it affects her relationship with her patient. Whether you believe Maud or not, you can’t help but be pulled into her fervor right until the shocking ending.

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9 'Climax' (2018)

13 Best A24 Horror Movies of All Time, Ranked According to IMDb (5)
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IMDb Rating: 6.9/10

A dance troupe gathers at an abandoned school to rehearse for an upcoming performance. After completing the rehearsal, they initiate an after-party. But the dancers' celebration turns ugly when they fall under the influence of a drug-laced sangria, turning them into an agitated, confused mess.

Directed by Gaspar Noé, Climax is a heady, psychedelic descent into violence. The film is unusual in its production process, where most of the story is improvised by the cast, who were given no dialogue beforehand. This gives the movie an unpredictable sensation, where anything can happen to anyone. Dancing may never be the same again.

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8 'The Witch' (2015)

13 Best A24 Horror Movies of All Time, Ranked According to IMDb (6)

IMDb Rating: 6.9/10

In 17th century New England, a family lives on a secluded farm after being banished from their colony. When one of the children disappeared, the blame falls on the eldest daughter, Thomasin (masterfully played by Anya Taylor-Joy), who is accused of dabbling in witchcraft. Scared, the family begins to turn on each other.

The Witch is Robert Eggers’ directorial debut and a surprise commercial hit for A24. It explores religion, witchcraft, and oppression in the patriarchal Puritan society of the time. Full of intricate historical details, the film is bold and unafraid to get weird. The horrors are contained in one family, forcing you to examine what happens when evil comes from within.

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7 'Enemy' (2013)

13 Best A24 Horror Movies of All Time, Ranked According to IMDb (7)

IMDb Rating: 6.9/10

Enemy follows Adam Bell (Jake Gyllenhaal), a university history professor who lives a calm, routine life in Toronto. He then develops an obsession with learning more about his double who is an actor named Anthony Claire (also Gyllenhaal). Their lives are entangled when Anthony, in his own peculiar manner, also develops an obsession with Adam.

With the striking and visionary of Denis Villeneuve and the brilliant performance of Gyllenhaal, along with a daring storyline and mesmerizing cinematography, Enemy is a beautifully told and made movie. Undoubtedly, the film is rewarding for those who take pleasure in the suspense and mystery that surround psychological film.

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6 'Pearl' (2022)

13 Best A24 Horror Movies of All Time, Ranked According to IMDb (8)

IMDb Rating: 7.0/10

Serving as the prequel and sequel to X and the second installment in Ti West’s X series, Pearl tells the backstory of the titular villain, played by Mia Goth, whose brutal crimes on her family's Texas farm in 1918 were motivated by her intense desire to become a cinema star.

Pearl is a deft refinement and contextualization of a solid must-see horror franchise that is equally about desire, dreams, and resolve as it is about accumulating deaths. Moreover, ​​Goth is largely responsible for making Pearl's suffering plausible. She has an unwavering dedication to every stifled plea for attention and every glassy-eyed detour from reality that make fans cannot forget even when the credit rolls.

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5 'Green Room' (2016)

13 Best A24 Horror Movies of All Time, Ranked According to IMDb (9)

IMDb Rating: 7.0/10

A punk rock band witnesses a murder at a club and gets attacked by a group of neo-Nazi skinheads. Stuck inside the venue's green room, they must find a way to survive the onslaught and escape with their lives intact.

Fast-paced and intense, Green Room is an adrenaline rush from start to finish. This claustrophobic, violent offering is a delight to watch with its creative cinematography, epic soundtrack, and flashes of dark humor. Taking place over a single night, the movie manages to humanize the characters – even the worst ones – in ways you wouldn’t expect.

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4 'The Killing of a Sacred Deer' (2017)

13 Best A24 Horror Movies of All Time, Ranked According to IMDb (10)

IMDb Rating: 7.0/10

Cardiac surgeon Steven Murphy (Colin Farrell) lives a content life with his wife and two kids. He lends his support to a grieving teenager, Martin (Barry Keoghan). But when his family gets hurt, Steven realizes that Martin’s intentions aren’t innocent.

The Killing of a Sacred Deer is a slow-burn horror that dials up the tension to an unbearable extent. Keoghan’s unsettling approach and the coldness of Colin Farrell’s character in the movie make you wonder where the terror truly lies. The aftermath of their dysfunctional relationship will linger long after the movie is over.

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3 'Midsommar' (2019)

13 Best A24 Horror Movies of All Time, Ranked According to IMDb (11)

IMDb Rating: 7.1/10

Dani (Florence Pugh) struggles to connect with her boyfriend Christian (Jack Reynor) after a tragedy. To mend their relationship, they travel to a commune in rural Sweden for a midsummer festival. But the serene location is at odds with the bizarre rituals conducted by the commune members, and they find themselves stuck in a scary situation.

Midsommar is Ari Aster’s sophomore outing after the critically acclaimed Hereditary. This folk horror centers the conflict on a crumbling relationship, where a mysterious commune and suffocating tension turn an idyllic trip into a nightmare. Pugh is outstanding as she carries her character through a wild emotional journey. If you’ve ever experienced a breakup, this movie might even feel cathartic.

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2 'Hereditary' (2018)

13 Best A24 Horror Movies of All Time, Ranked According to IMDb (12)

IMDb Rating: 7.3/10

After her mother passed away, Annie (Toni Collette) tries to resolve her complicated feelings about their strained relationship. But strange things start occurring in her home and affecting her family. Annie must unravel a family secret to discover the source of the unrest.

Ari Aster’s directorial debut is a psychological horror that mines the depth of grief and trauma to disturbing levels. Hereditary is a film that shows a dysfunctional family becoming susceptible to supernatural forces beyond their control. Led by Collette’s powerhouse performance, the movie offers an emotional authenticity that feels grounded amidst the nightmarish scenes. It’s the kind of horror movie that can make you cry.

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1 'The Lighthouse' (2019)

13 Best A24 Horror Movies of All Time, Ranked According to IMDb (13)

IMDb Rating: 7.4/10

On a remote island in the 1890s, Ephraim (Robert Pattinson) accepts a job as a lighthouse keeper under the supervision of veteran keeper Thomas (Willem Defoe). Between the taxing tasks of maintaining the lighthouse and the stress of isolation, Ephraim fears that he might be losing his sanity.

Following the success of The Witch, Robert Eggers helms another historical horror with The Lighthouse. Filmed in black and white, the cinematography creates an immersive experience that gives the movie a vintage quality. It is heavy on symbolism, as it shows a tense psychological battle between two men. It’s also a stark portrayal of madness in the middle of the sea that will have you searching for dry land.

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13 Best A24 Horror Movies of All Time, Ranked According to IMDb? ›

1. The Exorcist (1973)

What is the number 1 ranked scariest movie? ›

1. The Exorcist (1973)

What is the scariest horror movie IMDb? ›

Top 50 Horror Movies
  • The Sand (2015) ...
  • Dawn of the Dead (2004) ...
  • Terrifier 2 (2022) ...
  • Bodies Bodies Bodies (2022) ...
  • The Hunt (II) (2020) R | 90 min | Action, Horror, Thriller. ...
  • It (I) (2017) R | 135 min | Horror. ...
  • Alien (1979) R | 117 min | Horror, Sci-Fi. ...
  • The Pale Blue Eye (2022) R | 128 min | Crime, Horror, Mystery.

What is A24 most known for? ›

A24 is also famous for its artistic horror films known for being psychologically disturbing and mind-bending. They are considered as a pioneer in modern horror and often referred to as "elevated horror".

What is rated the scariest movies of all time? ›

  • The Exorcist. Released: 1973. Rated: R. Director: William Friedkin. There's a reason this horror classic is one of the scariest movies of all time. ...
  • The Shining. Released: 1980. Rated: R. Director: Stanley Kubrick. ...
  • Hereditary. Released: 2018. Rated: R. Director: Ari Aster.
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